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Experience Hoi An travel self-sufficient 2020 SUPER DETAILS

Hoi An tourism is an extremely favorite destination for everyone not only Vietnamese tourists but also everyone in the world. With Hoi An travel experience self-sufficient through many times to come here to fully explore each famous places of the old town.

You can combine a day-trip to Hoi An on a self-sufficient trip in Da Nang or you can also stay in Hoi An for a few days to feel very clearly about this place. I will share the details of the Hoi An tourist destination in this article to help you choose any option without having to worry.

Surely this article will share the experience of Hoi An ancient town self-detailed super detailed will be very helpful for you. All were written by my own knowledge and experience through so many times to Hoi An, along with the share from the blog readers who sent me.

Therefore, you should consult carefully, if necessary, save the article, take screenshots of the hotel information, rent a motorbike, car, delicious food and quality tour information at EXCELLENT prices. OFFERS that only blog readers have. Save them for when you need to, because they are really worth it !!!

Travel experience in Hoi An 2020 – A clear introduction to Old Quarter

Certainly everyone wishes to visit Hoi An ancient town at least once or twice in their lifetime to discover all its beauty. It is no coincidence that Hoi An Ancient Town was recognized by UNESCO as a cultural heritage of the world at the end of 1998. So why is Hoi An like that by relying on these two criteria to make the most accurate assessment according to wikipedia :

  • Hoi An is a striking physical expression of the combination of cultures across periods in an international trading port.
  • Hoi An is a typical example of a perfectly preserved traditional Asian port town.


Travel Hoi An - The beauty of the old town
Travel Hoi An – The beauty of the old town


With all cultural values ​​and through architectural works, Hoi An Ancient Town still retains a diverse and rich intangible culture. The daily life of the old town residents with customs, religious activities, folk arts, cultural festivals is still being preserved and developed. Hoi An is considered a living museum of architecture and urban lifestyle.

Video of Bai Choi Hoi An festival


The best time to travel to Hoi An

Travel experience in Da Nang after long trips, I feel the climate of Hoi An and Da Nang the same. With characteristics of the humid tropical climate, the South Hai Van region, is divided into 2 distinct rainy and dry seasons.

The rainy season lasts from September to the end of January, it rains a lot but is less affected by winter winds so these months are not too cold like the North. The dry season lasts from February to August, the sun is quite sunny, the temperature is relatively high but fortunately quite close to the sea so it is less harsh than other provinces.


Photo: Hoi An lantern street
Photo: Hoi An lantern street


There is an extremely disadvantageous point in the last few years that I feel is that in the rainy season it is like that Hoi An will be flooded a few games, flooding the old town in a few days. This is a huge disadvantage for Hoi An tourism in the rainy season.

But of course not to be flooded, every day flooded, you have to “lucky” to be there those days. And somewhere, these times bring Hoi An other beauty, beauty that the dry season cannot have.

Therefore, you can consider, but do not be constrained to definitely not travel to Hoi An at the time.


Image of Hoi An Ancient Town
Image of Hoi An Ancient Town


In the dry season, it is too favorable, especially from February to the end of April, this time Hoi An rains less, the sun is not too strong to travel to Hoi An. From May to August, it is very rarely rain, very convenient for tourism but it is quite hot, visiting Hoi An during the day will meet many obstacles.

CHOOSE: The best time to travel to Hoi An is from February to the end of April, from May to the end of August, you are very convenient, but from September to the end of January you should consider dentist.

Hoi An travel experience / Which transportation option to choose?

There are many options to move to Hoi An tourism smoothly. Not only Da Nang Tourism combined with Hoi An you can combine tourism in other provinces and cities like Hue Tourism with Hoi An is also very ok.


Photos of Hoi An ancient town
Photos of Hoi An ancient town


According to my observation, you should refer to Da Nang tourism combined with traveling to Hoi An on the same trip. Therefore, most of you will move to Hoi An from Da Nang.

Here are some options you can choose dentist.

Hoi An tourism moves from Da Nang

There are 4 types of most useful means for you to choose suitable to visit Hoi An 1 day. Below I will point out everything for everyone to know to choose the most reasonable for your family.

+ Motorbike: This is the most mobile means, also very economical. Hoi An is just over 30km from Da Nang, beautiful roads, very easy to go. The easiest is to run straight from Da Nang along the road along the sea to Hoi An. On the way, you will see an intersection, go straight to Cua Dai Beach, turn left to An Bang Sea, and turn right will go to Hoi An Ancient Town. Whatever your desire, choose to go there.

+ Shuttle bus: An option is also very good if you follow a large group of people, the price of 4-seat car rental from Da Nang to Hoi An is only about 200k – 250k / 1 way only.

See more: Rent a private car from Da Nang to Hoi An for only 199K.

+ Bus: An extremely economical but not necessarily convenient home. From Da Nang, there is a direct bus route to Hoi An, but it takes about 5pm to get all the cars from Hoi An back so if you want to return to Da Nang in the evening, you need to pay special attention. . Moreover, the bus stop of Hoi An is about 1km from the center of the ancient town of Hoi An, so if you do not want to walk, you still have to take a taxi or bus to go to the old town.

+ Join In Tour: Among the 3 options above, I think going to Hoi An tour is the option up to 70% of people choose. Why ? By the convenience of it I will explain to everyone to understand offline.


Marble Mountain Tour - Hoi An 1 Day
Marble Mountain Tour – Hoi An 1 Day


Tour Hoi An has shuttle bus to take place, accompanied guide and introduce all the famous places in the old town. If you think you come to a famous place in the world like Hoi An just to take pictures and look at it alone, it doesn’t mean much. These are just basic analysis to suggest people to choose.

Hoi An tourism moves from other provinces

To travel from other provinces to Hoi An, the most convenient is just a passenger car, because Hoi An bus station is located quite close to the central area is the ancient town of Hoi An, and the airport or train station are “far away from the sea. ”.

So for convenience and not to worry the most, if you go by plane or train, go straight to Da Nang or Tam Ky, then from there move on to Hoi An. Particularly in Danang, you refer to my share on how to move to Hoi An from Danang I said above!

Travel experience Hoi An choose Which Hotel, Homestay?

Unfortunately, the hotel (Homestay) in Hoi An today I do not have much information, even though Hoi An has many times already. Because most of them are I go to Hoi An during the day, late at night to drive to Danang or sleep a few times a friend’s house in it.

Only the latest time, I tried in a hotel (Homestay) in the heart of Hoi An ancient town, found it extremely ok, I would like to share in detail below.

NOTE: You should call the hotel hotline directly to be able to ask the exact price at the time you book as well as 24/7 support, above all to be able to choose and ask the hotel to keep. Your room is the best, but if they like the room, And should also call and book at least 15 days (even a month), to be able to choose the most satisfactory room!

+ La Uy Villa Hoi An: Recommended as the most beautiful Villa in Hoi An. Besides, having a “young mistress” is also pretty and cute. (^ _ ^).

This is a hotel, exactly Villa ( View on ) is extremely beautiful and is located next to the romantic rice fields. Therefore, you are assured of the quality, so the room is like that. Nhu Uyen Luong , Villa owner is also extremely friendly, enthusiastic, fun and especially “no lover” :).


Overall picture of La Uy Villa
Overall picture of La Uy Villa


Villa is located at 144 Le Thanh Tong, Cam Chau, Hoi An (see map) , opposite is a romantic field. Villa is about 2km from Hoi An ancient town, about 3km from Cua Dai beach. Very convenient if you want to walk around Hoi An by bike to visit the old town.

That time I went to discover a very interesting thing is that the price of direct guests (visitors) will often be much higher than the pre-ordered price, so remember to call in advance to get the most preferential price.


Balcony of Deluxe room overlooks the garden
Balcony of Deluxe room overlooks the garden


The whole room bed 1m8, spoiled for diving without fear of falling to the ground, clown. Room rates are also very reasonable compared to the other Villa in Hoi An, 1 double bed room 1m8 for 2 people range from 500k to 600k.

To book, please contact the hotline: 0773 430 351 to get the most preferential price!

NOTE: I still recommend that if you have plenty of time to travel, then choose to stay in Hoi An 1 night offline. Because Hoi An ancient town is only the most beautiful from 18pm and turn off the lights at 20h30 and most tourists go back to Danang to travel to other tourist destinations tomorrow.

Even if you want to stay in Hoi An for a night to tour the Cu Lao Cham Hoi An, you should return to Da Nang because the tour organizing companies are all welcome from Da Nang. The tour you pick up from Hoi An sometimes love extra charges because from Cua Dai Port back to the old town takes another 10km.

Travel experience Hoi An should go to any point?

Hoi An has a lot of famous tourist attractions in and outside the Ancient Town that attract visitors here. In this article I will introduce all the most beautiful places by myself directly to help people choose the most appropriate point for you.


The most beautiful tourist destinations in Hoi An
The most beautiful tourist destinations in Hoi An


Experience Hoi An travel to visit the points in the old town

Hoi An Ancient Town has a lot of places to visit and fun activities, so you will definitely love this place.
To find out in detail, refer to the article 8 things to do in your Hoi An Ancient Town. I will share to everyone all the famous tourist attractions in the ancient town of Hoi An.


This ancient house is over 200 years old and still retains its unique architecture as well as its original beauty. Tan Ky ancient house was formerly the residence of noble family of Le family. The house is very large with lots of space suitable for displaying ancient artifacts, trading in the front and storing goods behind.


Travel Hoi An to visit the old houses
Travel Hoi An to visit the old houses


Tan Ky ancient house is designed according to the culture of Vietnam – Japan – China combined with unique and eye-catching motifs. This is the only house of the past used to welcome and welcome heads of state from countries. So everyone to Hoi An do not forget to visit this old house.


Although the age is more than 100 years old and not as famous as Tan Ky old house, Phung Hung old house also has its own beauty and attracts tourists. This is also the house of the wealthiest merchant in Hoi An in the past, because of the later birth, there are many beauty and modernity in the style different from the ancient Tan Ky house.

The house named Phung Hung is also because the family line always flourishes and the business always advances in business. With the structure of a high-class wooden house and the beauty of East Asia, it creates an elegance that combines ancient features and people admiring it.


The old house Phung Hung - Hoi An
The old house Phung Hung – Hoi An


Guangdong Assembly Hall was built in late 1885, this is a very famous and unique work of Hoi An in those years. With a very beautiful architecture combined from wood, stone and cement, it created an elaborate and intricate building with exquisite motifs that brought the shape of Southeast Asia at that time.

It still stores many artifacts made with very beautiful ceramics. It is like a painting of an ancient Cantonese person with life features that are still preserved today.


Certainly when it comes to the Chaozhou Assembly Hall, some people have heard of it if they read and refer to Vietnamese history. This place is mentioned a lot in the list of the most favorite destinations in Hoi An.

Chaozhou Assembly Hall attracts visitors by the exquisite features on each architecture and the unique delicate carvings. Traveling to Hoi An 1 day, you should also come here to visit as well as learn more about this most attractive tourist attraction.


The beauty of Toc Tran Church is also a tourist destination in Hoi An that attracts all tourists to come here. The name of the Tran Tribe Church also makes everyone understand what this house means ..?

Address: 21 Le Loi – Hoi An Ancient Town. The house of the Tran family can be said to be one of the oldest houses in Hoi An. Inside this ancient house, everyone will be able to visit all the classic beauty and nobility. This is the home of the famous wealthy Tran family of Hoi An.


This is a tourist destination that everyone has probably seen it all. Printed on the VND 2,000 note of Cau Pagoda in Hoi An, people also understood more about its popularity. Covered Bridge is located in the heart of the ancient town of Hoi An and across the poetic Hoai River, almost everyone who comes here also flashes countless pictures to shape everything.


Traveling Hoi An - Visiting Cau Pagoda
Traveling Hoi An – Visiting Cau Pagoda


Japanese Covered Bridge is also known as Japanese Covered Bridge, because it was designed from ancient Japanese artisans. With these beautiful features, now Cau Pagoda is also a symbol of the most popular tourist attractions in Hoi An today.


This is the largest Market in Hoi An for sale to everyone including tourists who come here to shop. Hoi An Market is sold all kinds of goods like other markets and specialties as well as typical goods of Old Quarter.

You can shop for handicrafts or enjoy specialties when traveling to Hoi An. Shopping here, you do not have to be as tight as the small stalls selling around the street where because the places are often sold to Western tourists.

Travel experience Hoi An – Sightseeing far from the Old Town

In addition to the locations in the heart of the ancient town of Hoi An I have shared above, here is a summary of points away from the old town that you have to travel by motorbike or taxi.


I am extremely impressed with the tall, wide and super long coconut trees here. Sitting and drinking water under the canopy of the bottom row, looking towards the sea and find it romantic and extremely beautiful. But the beach is not impressed, although the water is still very clear and green.


Cua Dai Beach - Hoi An
Cua Dai Beach – Hoi An


This beach is more suitable for you who like a place with many services such as sun loungers, restaurants … The number of visitors here also seems to be more crowded in Cua Dai.

Many of you ask yourself whether you should go to the beach here or not so I’ll answer it. It is not recommended because An Bang beach cannot be compared with My Khe beach in Da Nang. To swim in the sea, just take time to Da Nang to relax and enjoy sports activities in My Khe.

An Bang beach - Hoi An
An Bang beach – Hoi An


Thanh Ha Pottery Village is about 2km from the center of the ancient town of Hoi An, a small, extremely peaceful village along the Thu Bon River of Hoi An City. This is a pottery village specializing in producing popular products to serve daily life so coming here you will see an extremely ancient and idyllic feature. But unfortunately, like other pottery villages, at present very few young people want to follow traditional pottery, and it will not be surprising that there are mainly elderly people who still dwell on the profession and preserve their profession. pottery of the motherland.

To get to Thanh Ha pottery village, from the ancient town of Hoi An, you keep walking along the banks of the Thu Bon River toward National Highway 1A, past the Thanh Ha Fish Market.


This is a tourist destination, though not too new, but until recently, tourists have known widely. Located just 2 km from Hoi An, just close to Thanh Ha pottery village, Dat Nung Thanh Ha Park is an exhibition space – exhibition of various pottery and photo-related paintings related to history. , culture and sculpture art of Vietnam.

Here, you can not only see, take pictures extremely “pretty”, fancy, but if you want you can make your own products under the guidance of the artisans brothers and sisters. A very strange space that you must definitely visit when coming to Hoi An.


Photo: Hoi An Terracotta Park
Photo: Hoi An Terracotta Park


Address: Pham Phan, Block 5, Thanh Ha Ward, Hoi An City, Quang Nam. Opening hours from 8:30 to 17:30, ticket price 30k / adult, students, students is 15k.


I don’t know if I went in the right time with a few vegetables but I was not impressed by this location. And maybe for someone from a village like me, these types of places are not too strange and impressive. Perhaps it is more suitable for those in the city, you like nature or foreign friends.


A place once extremely famous in the territory of Tam Ky city, but now has cooled down a lot, partly because it is quite far from Hoi An, about 30km away.

But if you have not had the opportunity to come here and have a lot of time in Hoi An, you should still visit here, a beautiful village not only from colorful frescoes, but also by people, by stories. revolves around those pictures.

You can refer to more details about Tam Thanh mural village through the article Where is the mural village of Tam Thanh , how to go, what is interesting.


Also is a “forgotten” place in Quang Nam, by quite far from Hoi An ancient town, about 40km. My Son Sanctuary, especially the temple tower has extremely unique architecture located in a valley with a diameter of about 2 km, surrounded by hills and mountains. This is a place of purification, offering offerings of kings after taking the throne.

In December 1999, along with the ancient town of Hoi An, the My Son temple complex was listed on the list of world cultural heritages by UNESCO. If you are a history lover, like to learn about Cham Pa culture, you must definitely come here.


Previously when the Sea of ​​Ginseng encroached on the land a lot and the water here turned to brackish, quite a lot of nipa palm trees were sprouted up like the second U Minh forest. Because of its beauty, the people of Hoi An have stood up and renovated themselves to turn this place into a tourist destination in Hoi An. Later, Hoi An city invested heavily and turned this place into a famous tourist destination.


Image: Seven-sample coconut forest - Hoi An
Image: Seven-sample coconut forest – Hoi An


Take the basket to visit the coconut forest
Take the basket to visit the coconut forest


It’s also a place that people mentioned a lot recently, and I also wrote an article about this place, please refer here for me. A very worthwhile place to visit !!!


This is a famous tourist destination and I have written about Cu Lao Cham in detail in the experience of Cu Lao Cham travel to be self-sufficient to help people understand it, so please consult there for me. . It is an extremely recommended place to enjoy the super feeling when surfing canoes to the island, to be admired when participating in coral viewing activities.


Cu Lao Cham Beach
Cu Lao Cham Beach

REFERENCES ✪: Travel guide Cu Lao Cham, Hoi An.

NOTE: For Cu Lao Cham, whether you are going from Da Nang or Hoi An, if you went during the day, you should choose to go on a tour, both cheap and just have to worry.


Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An – A brand new tourist destination in Hoi An, is expected to become a place to attract more tourists in Hoi An.hi. This is a complex of amusement parks combined with high-class resorts and resorts of Vingroup with many amusement parks such as water parks, river zoos, museums, adventure games, movies …

REFERENCES ✪: Experiences of Vinpearl Land Tourism in South Hoi An.

You will be spoiled for viewing, playing, taking pictures of delight here. However, because it is still new, the trees are not much, less obscene should go sunny, noon more then spoiled “sunbathing”. Of course, if at that time you should move into the indoor play area, you will not feel very lonely, because no one is out there with you.


Vinpearl Land South Hoi An
Vinpearl Land South Hoi An

Travel experience Hoi An / How to move?

As well as moving in Da Nang, you can choose to rent a motorbike, taxi or rent a car. In addition to moving around the old town you can also choose to go by cyclo or bicycle. And if anyone is healthy, just walk around healthy people happy and visit more carefully.


Travel Hoi An by XICH LOT
Travel Hoi An by XICH LOT


Particularly for Cu Lao Cham, if you go during the day, you should definitely go home tour. You can refer to the information about Cu Lao Cham graft tour with SUPER PRICE and QUALITY by yourself directly experiencing below.

Travel Hoi An to enjoy the unique daily festival

The special traditional folk festivals in Hoi An have been preserved for a long time and developed to this day. Previously, there were only mid-day days like the 15th lunar calendar and the beginning of January of the lunar calendar, but now every day is available to all tourists visiting Hoi An.


Most notably, the nightly Bai Choi Festival in Hoi An has attracted a lot of visitors and everyone was very impressed. This game lasts about 7 minutes and one time watching people will also better understand this game. The game will have the following procedure: Ms. Hieu will sing folk songs of Quang Nam and each card consists of 3 words. It is similar to the bingo game but the folk card game is written in 3-letter word. In every game if I win 3 words, I will be the winner.


Traveling Hoi An - Join Bai Choi festival
Traveling Hoi An – Join Bai Choi festival


On the Thu Bon River, people sell a lot of Dang flower lights like SEN flowers and glow with candles. Hoi An tourists will buy and drop into the river and then wish and wish the wish will come true. When the lanterns go away, we are like letting go of life’s sorrows and serenity.


Travel Hoi An - Drop Light Flower
Travel Hoi An – Drop Light Flower


Or people will rent a boat to go around the river and drop Hoa Dang lights and take souvenir photos is also very beautiful.

Travel experience Hoi An / What to eat?

Traveling to Hoi An, you can enjoy countless specialties that only this place has. The dishes in the ancient style with medieval features allow you to feel many different tastes that are rare like no other. Here are some of our favorite food specialties.


Cuisine in the ancient town of Hoi An
Cuisine in the ancient town of Hoi An


+ Cao Lau: A specialty that only Quang Nam has, and only well water in Hoi An is suitable to make noodles for Cao Lau genuine.hi. Saying so, but I do not suit this dish at all, tried the second time and still feel dislike. But that’s me, almost all my friends find it delicious.hihi. Tastes a little different.

+ Hoi An Chicken Rice: Famous, so famous. Coming to Hoi An, you definitely have to try chicken rice. Chicken rice in Hoi An is very fragrant, soft, firm chicken, super delicious sauce.hi. You can visit some restaurants such as Ba Buoi chicken rice (22 Phan Chu Trinh), A Ty chicken rice (opposite Ba Buoi chicken rice restaurant).


Specialty Chicken Rice - Hoi An
Specialty Chicken Rice – Hoi An


+ Phuong Bread: You’ve probably heard a lot of people talking about the bakery voted as the best bread in the world, right? The shop is so crowded that every time you buy, you have to queue for at least 10 minutes or even half an hour to buy one. But for me personally, I do not like Phuong bread very much, a little dry, fat, hard to eat.

Address: 2B Phan Chu Trinh, Cẩm Châu, Hội An.

+ Madam Khanh Bread: I like this bakery more, easy to eat, very suitable for the taste. Unfortunately, this restaurant is only open during the day, but I do not believe that many people will choose to eat here, instead of Phuong bread.


Travel Hoi An - Enjoy bread MADAM KHANH
Travel Hoi An – Enjoy bread MADAM KHANH


Address: 115 Tran Cao Van, Hoi An City.


+ Tasty: I remember the first time I drank this dish a few years ago, when the shop owner just started selling it, and was impressed with it from that time. The water is extremely aromatic, the taste is sour, serene, sweet and sweet, mixed from many herbs that are good for health. Now I see he rented a space of a restaurant, very wide already. Business is really good!

Address: 150 Tran Phu, Hoi An ancient spectrum.

+ Hoi An tea: I am not impressed with Hoi An tea, probably because it is fascinated by Xuan Trang tea in Da Nang.hi. But anyway is a dish you should try when coming to Hoi An.


Travel Hoi An - Enjoy specialties Tea
Travel Hoi An – Enjoy specialties Tea


+ Snacks: There are many snacks in Hoi An you can enjoy such as Mango cake, To Yen cake … or some ice cream. You can walk along the streets in the old town of Hoi An or go to the food market at Nguyen Hoang night market to find, choose and enjoy.

Or to enjoy Com Hen or Banh Dap … everyone please move across Cam Nam Bridge will meet rows of restaurants along the riverfront selling a lot. Every time I come to Hoi An, I have never missed this place.


Like any other province, it is too difficult for me to create a suitable schedule for you. Because everyone is different, their interests are different, the conditions are different, the number of members is different, and now they are going back and forth.

So in this article I would like to share with you the Hoi An travel schedule 3 days 2 nights and 2 days 1 night most common, for almost everyone, for your reference.

Schedule Hoi An tour 3 days 2 nights self

+ Day 1: Tra Que Vegetable Village – Thanh Ha Pottery Village – Have lunch in Hoi An ancient town, go to hotel to rest – Bay Mau Coconut Forest – Hoi An Ancient Town

+ Day 2: Cu Lao Cham – Hoi An Ancient Town

If you travel to Da Nang but have already gone to Cu Lao Cham then you can choose the schedule below instead.

+ Day 3: Cua Dai Beach (or An Bang) – Vinpearl Land Hoi An – Hoi An Ancient Town

Schedule Hoi An tour 2 days 1 night self-sufficient

For Hoi An 2-day-1-night tour schedule, depending on your wishes, you can choose 1 of the 3 schedules I shared above.

Here is the whole information of very good quality Da Nang Tour, but with SUPER PRICE experienced directly by myself, please send your reference.

Whether you come from Hoi An or Da Nang can go on these tours, that phase I come from Da Nang. In addition, if you travel to Da Nang, do not have much time, you can choose Ngu Hanh Son – Hoi An tour, starting at 16h pm.


Here are a few experiences of Hoi An travel self-sufficient to send you:

+ The best time in Hoi An is in the morning and from evening to night, so remember to visit Hoi An at these times.

+ If you take the initiative, you should arrange to go to Hoi An on the full moon day (14 lunar calendar, not 15 houses), because this time Hoi An ancient town organizes a full moon festival. That evening, the entire old town will turn off the lights, only lighting lanterns along with other traditional lamps. Above all, on this day, the flower will be released the most and shimmering.

+ Going to Hoi An and forgetting to play traditional games like beating pots, learning to make lanterns … especially playing Bai Choi, it is a big mistake. Remember to join, please forget the way back.

Above are the self-sufficient Hoi An travel experiences shared by their own written understandings and experiences. Thank you for reading and I hope they are useful for your upcoming Da Nang – Hoi An Travel !!!

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